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Defense Threat Reduction Agency – Fire Hazards Analysis

Sigma Science is developing Fire Hazard Analyses (FHA) for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) under a $2 million, 3.5-year (September 2020 to March 2024 with options) task order contract. Sigma is developing three U.S. Air Force (USAF) Facility Fire Hazard Analyses (FHA) in accordance with USAF requirements for Air Force Global Strike Command Nuclear Weapons facilities at the Ellsworth Air Force Base, the Minot Air Force Base, and the Kirtland Airforce Base. FHAs for these facilitates, as described in FC 4-420-07F, Section 8-3.5.1, include an assessment of the risk from fire and related hazards in relation to existing or proposed fire safety features to ensure the facility can be safely controlled and stabilized during and after a fire. New facility [Ellsworth AFB Weapon Generation Facility (WGF)-F] design FHAs are being initiated early in the design phase to ensure an acceptable level of protection is being incorporated into the design. In addition to the three FHAs, during Option Period 2, DTRA increased our scope to perform two additional reviews of the Ellsworth AFB WGF-F FHA at the 95% design and final design for this new facility.

The FHAs developed for DTRA include the following tasks:

Key accomplishments under this contract include: