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Ground-Based Strategic Deterrent Engineering and Manufacturing Development Program

Sigma Science was awarded a $650K two-year contract in November 2020, supporting Northrop Grumman’s (NG) Ground Based Strategic Deterrent (GBSD) Engineering and Manufacturing Development program. The contract scope required the development of a Nuclear Surety Management Plan, an associated Nuclear Surety Technical Requirements Document, and a Nuclear Surety Evaluation Plan. Additional contract requirements include portioning GBSD hardware and software into functional subsystems required to facilitate the evaluation of nuclear safety design certification criteria compliance and other design certification facets (e.g., safety design, compatibility, technical orders, Weapon System Safety Rules). Documentation requirements include a Certification Requirements Plan and a Nuclear Safety Analysis Report (NSAR) for each technical analysis.

Key contract accomplishments included:

  • Completed Post Boost Attitude Control Module Nuclear Surety Evaluation.
  • Completed Support Equipment NSAR for Initial Safety Study (ISS).
  • Provided support for test equipment specifications and development for the GBSD ISS NSAR.
  • Completed GBSD ISS Physical Security NSAR.