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NNSA Savannah River Project Management Office Technical Support Services

Project ImageSigma Science provides technical support services to the National Nuclear Security Administration Office of Acquisition and Project Management (NA APM) and the Savannah River Project Management Office (SRAPMO) under our $60.7M 5-year contract, awarded in May 2021. Sigma is the prime contractor for this contract, awarded as a task under the TEPS II contracting vehicle.

The contract’s scope calls for the Sigma team to provide NA-APM oversight support for major capital construction projects at the Savannah River Site (SRS), which includes the Savannah River Plutonium Processing Facility (SRPPF). Currently, Sigma provides approximately 40 staff resources for various engineering disciplines, including nuclear safety and glove box design, information technology, project controls, nuclear quality assurance, and safeguards and security professionals.

Key work scopes include:

  • Support contractor assessments of systems, processes, plans, procedures, personnel, projects, and program activities. Assessment support includes reactive assessments, proactive assessments, shadow assessments, design reviews, performance reviews, independent assessments, and internal peer reviews.
  • Perform formal project design reviews at the critical decision (CD) points per DOE Order 413.3B.
  • Review project deliverables for accuracy and completeness (technical drawings, specifications, calculations, etc.).
  • Support the development of independent cost estimates and evaluate contractor cost estimates.
  • Review contractors’ monthly reports and associated variance reports.
  • Develop briefing materials and reports for internal and external purposes.
  • Conduct quality and quality management support tasks (e.g., evaluate approved suppliers, perform assessments, investigate quality assurance and quality control concerns, etc.).
  • Conduct engineering and engineering management support tasks.
  • Conduct construction management and oversight tasks, constructability reviews, walkthroughs, and assessments and reviews of construction activities.
  • Conduct pre-operation and operational assessments and reviews (preparation tasks, startup, operations, etc.).
  • Conduct operational design reviews for operability, maintainability, and sustainability.
  • Support NNSA operational readiness activities.
  • Provide/support nuclear safety oversight for Nuclear Criticality Safety Evaluations, Safety Basis Documents, Preliminary Documented Safety Analysis, Preliminary Safety Verification Report, Documented Safety Analysis, Safety Evaluation Report, and Technical Safety Requirements.
  • Assist with security risk assessments and provide safeguards and security expertise.

Key contract accomplishments and milestones to date include:

    • Increased support services staff by 100%, timely and efficiently per NNSA Contracting Officer Representative requests and approvals.
    • Performed SharePoint development and maintenance for the SRAPMO, Savannah River Field Office, Cybersecurity and Information Technology teams, and other DOE entities.
    • Streamlined monthly reporting processes using SharePoint.
    • Developed a Comprehensive Oversight Requirements Database and started assessment process integration.
    • Coordinated the SRAPMO operations and systems with the NNSA administrative support contractor, Vector Resources, Inc.
    • Provided technical advisor expertise remotely and co-located with Fluor Design at the Greenville, SC, design center, providing NNSA with immediate and daily feedback.
    • Supported the Perimeter Intrusion Detection and Assessment System 60% over-the-shoulder design review at the NNSA Physical Security Center of Excellence facility.
  • SRPPF/Tritium Finishing Facility
    • Timely recruitment and onboarding of senior-level subject matter experts to support engineering reviews and assessments. Reviews and assessments included fire protection, safeguards and security, project controls, construction engineering, quality assurance, and nuclear facility design.
  • Mixed Oxide (MOX) Fuel Facility Termination
    • Developed, coordinated, and completed the Physical Completion Checklist using a tailored approach instead of DOE’s CD-4 package for a terminated project.
    • Reconciled MOX project financial vouchers from project inception to closure, including SRNS weekly cost and fee billings to NNSA.
    • Provided methodology and support for Construction Work in Process (CWIP) required for capital asset project closure.
    • Provided CWIP liquidation data for the MOX Termination closure report.