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Honeywell SCMC—Triad National Security at Los Alamos National Laboratory

Sigma Science provides broad support to Triad National Security, LLC, at the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), under a $50 million five-year Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract awarded October 1, 2020. Sigma Science is a Tier 1 small business supplier to Triad. The contract scope focuses on providing technical and professional service including safety basis, criticality engineering, fire protection engineering, systems engineering, and nuclear surety. The Sigma team includes Strata G, LLC (Strata-G), Leidos Holdings Inc. (Leidos), and Longenecker & Associates, Inc. (Longenecker). Under this contract, Sigma provides 11 staff resources including safety basis analysts, fire protection engineers, subject matter experts, criticality safety engineering, and weapons surety engineering support.

Key work scope includes:

  • Providing nuclear risk and hazard analyses for nuclear facilities.
  • Providing unreviewed safety question determinations, Document Safety Analysis support, and Technical Safety Requirements support for nuclear facilities.
  • Developing, reviewing, and updating safety assessment and facility safety documents.
  • Providing expert analysis and input on nuclear accident phenomenology, simulation, and experimentation.
  • Participating in various facility safety basis review panels.
  • Providing criticality safety engineering support for nuclear facilities.
  • Providing fire protection engineering support for loss prevention and facility and programmatic surveillance.
  • Providing fire protection engineering support for fire detection, alarm, and suppression system operations.
  • Reviewing fire protection system designs.
  • Providing engineering expertise for nuclear facility support facilities.
  • Providing systems engineering, program management, and use control and weapons surety support.

Key accomplishments under this contract include:

  • Providing vital technical resources supporting various Technical Area (TA) nuclear facilities at LANL, including:
    • TA-53, Los Alamos Neutron Science Center
    • TA-54, Radioassay and Nondestructive Testing
    • TA-55, Plutonium Science and Manufacturing Facility
  • Providing critical resources to support nuclear surety activities at the Weapons Stockpile Operations and Infrastructure Division.
  • Providing mentoring and gap training for fire protection engineers obtaining Cognizant Systems Engineer certifications.