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Sigma Science

What We Do

Sigma Science provides comprehensive technical expertise and services to federal and commercial clients to help solve complex challenges across the nuclear security enterprise. Our expertise can be delivered on a project or staff augmentation basis.

Nuclear Safety

Ensuring nuclear surety and safety for our clients through:

  • Safety Basis Development and Implementation
  • Nuclear Criticality Safety/Radiological Protection
  • Operational Readiness/Conduct of Operations
  • Fire Protection/Systems Engineering
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Nuclear Surety
  • Training

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Nuclear Security and Nonproliferation

Supporting the nuclear security enterprise by providing expertise in:

  • Nuclear Material Safeguards & Security
  • Material Control & Accountability
  • Fissile Material Recovery & Disposition
  • Nonproliferation Research & Development
  • Global security
  • Cybersecurity

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Capital Construction Services

Helping our clients complete successful capital construction projects by providing:

  • Project Management & Controls
  • Engineering Design Reviews
  • Safeguards & Security Oversight
  • Risk Management
  • Quality Assurance

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Environmental Management

Helping complete environmental cleanup across the U.S. through our expertise in:

  • Radioactive/Hazardous Waste Management
  • Strategies for Challenging Waste Streams

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Nuclear Energy

Supporting the expansion of nuclear energy through our expertise in:

  • Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage & Transportation
  • Nuclear Quality Assurance
  • Advanced Reactor Technology Services

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Through a joint venture with NAC International Inc. –-- Sigma-NAC Nuclear Solutions --- we also provide an integrated suite of solutions in waste analysis; problematic waste streams; advanced reactor fuels; and packaging, logistics, transport, and disposal for used fuel and radioactive waste.