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Sigma Science Spotlight

Meet Sigma Analysis Engineer Josh Witt

Josh is based in Idaho Falls and has been with Sigma for two years.

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Meet Jeff Peterson, Project Manager

Jeff Peterson, Sigma Project Manager at Kirtland Air Force Base has been with Sigma for 1.5 years

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Meet Carol Smith, Marketing Manager

Carol was recently awarded a spot bonus in recognition of her effort to improve corporate branding and social media presence. Her performance has made a difference and her dedication and commitment are highly appreciated.

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Job Spotlight: Nuclear Safety/Criticality Engineer

Ever wondered what a Nuclear Safety/Criticality Engineer does? What education is required to get into the field? Or what a day in the life looks like? We sat down with Sigma’s Krista Kaiser, Senior Nuclear Safety Criticality Engineer, and asked her these questions plus a few more.

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Meet Jeri D'Orazio, Program Manager

Recently Sigma Program Manager Jeri D’Orazio was awarded a Spot Bonus for going above and beyond while covering the Sigma portfolio while another Program Manager was on leave. Jeri joined Sigma in July 2023.

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Meet Libby Bailey, Contract Specialist

Libby Bailey, Sigma Contracts Specialist, recently received a Spot Bonus for exemplary support taking the lead in developing the Contracts FY2024-25 Business Case for the SRS APMO organizational and staffing planning.

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Meet Tim Leonard, Senior Cost Estimator

Tim is assigned to Sigma’s NNSA Y-12 APMO contract in Oak Ridge, TN. He celebrated his First Sigma Anniversary on December 15th.

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Meet Kelly Conway, Federal Risk Management Coordinator

Meet Kelly Conway, Federal Risk Management Coordinator on our NNSA Y-12 APMO Contract in Oak Ridge, TN.

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Meet Travis Coy, Fuel Stewardship Engineer IV

Travis Croy is a Fuel Stewardship Engineer IV on our Sandia National Laboratory Contract through our Honeywell SCMC Contract Vehicle. He has worked at Sigma Science close to two years.

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