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Client Appreciation Spotlight: Danielle Bannister

In May 2023, Sigma Business Specialist Danielle Bannister received a Letter of Appreciation from the Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration for her hard work executing awards for their Defense Programs. Since joining the Sigma team in August 2022, she has quickly become “a vital member of [the NNSA] team and consistently performs at the highest levels.” As noted in the Letter of Appreciation, the “HCBO depends on her heavily, and she has [their] complete confidence.”

Danielle’s key accomplishments are summarized by Ms. Dana Lynn Motley, Director of Human Capital and Business Operations: “Ms. Daniele Bannister is an outstanding, core-member of the NNSA’s Office of Defense Programs Human Capital and Business Operations (HCBO) team. Danielle is respected and relied upon to execute the award for all of Defense Programs personnel. In just a limited amount of time she has quickly gained knowledge and expertise in the employee engagement and training portfolio.”