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Industry Award Spotlight: Elaine Marshall, CHP

Sigma is pleased to announce that Nuclear Safety Analyst Elaine Marshall, CHP is a 2023 Fellow of the Health Physics Society Award recipient! 

This award is given to members of the Health Physics Society (Radiation Safety) in recognition of their significant administrative, educational, and scientific contributions to the physics profession. Elaine has over 30 years of operational Radiological, Nuclear Safety, Criticality Safety, and ES&H experience in a variety of work environments including accelerators, reactors, analytical laboratories, research facilities, lasers, waste handling, tritium, production, and new design build facilities. Her experience has been progressive and involves all aspects of an ES&H program from conduct of operations, occurrence reporting, audits, assessments, engineered safety controls, integrated safety management, procedure development, material transportation and receipt, training, budgeting, research planning and conduct, resource allocation, and balancing safety and environmental requirements/implementation with nuclear facility operations. 

In her spare time, Elaine enjoys spending her time in the sky as a crew member (and alternate crew chief) on a Yoda-themed hot air balloon.