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Meet Lester Barwick, Sr. ES&H Engineer

Meet Lester Barwick, Sr. ES&H Engineer on Sigma’s NNSA Y-12 APMO Contract.

How long have you been with Sigma? December 2023 will be one (1) year.

What’s your favorite part about working for Sigma? The Y-12 APMO Team is a fun, family first group of professionals.

What’s one professional achievement you’re most proud of? One specific achievement does not come to mind. I am very proud of so many past, present and future to be contributions in the field of ESH of the world class organizations I’ve been privileged with which to work.

What is the best advice someone has ever given you? The one who conducts himself in integrity will live securely, but the one who behaves perversely will be found out. Prov. 10:9

What is one holiday/birthday gift you really wanted but didn’t get? Keep asking Santa for a new truck but he keeps leaving a note saying maybe next year!