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Information Technology & Cyber Security

  • We are recognized for developing “Best in Class” cyber security defense-in-depth architectures to monitor and protect key assets.
  • We oversaw transition of the Information Systems Center and infrastructure projects for the current SNL M&O Contract.
  • We provide technical oversight for DAF and Special Partner Program physical security infrastructure modernization initiatives, developed the initial ARGUS System Security Plan and Authorization to Operate, and support to NFO One IT Directives.
  • We identify improvements and recommend updates to the design and configuration of the SNL datacenter Infrastructure storage system.

Safeguards, Security & Nonproliferation

  • Our highly skilled nuclear technology and security professionals supports the ORNL fissile material disposition program by providing strategic planning services to address issues associated with reactor options for plutonium disposition.
  • We evaluate defensive software on simulated networks at SNL and perform penetration testing of a simulated NNSA laboratory network.
  • We support the development of the SNL Annual Operating Plan for NNSA’s Center for Security Technology, Analysis, Response and Testing activities.
  • Our security professionals provide assistance in the execution of the Security Improvement Program, Security Improvement Replacement Program, and a West End PIDAS Reduction for Y-12.
  • We are recognized for supporting the SLD Program by identifying vulnerabilities of international land borders, seaports and airports and providing on-site support to improve and secure these facilities.
  • Our personnel designed and configured nuclear and non-nuclear security platforms to support Safeguards and Security mission requirements at NFO.

Nuclear Safety, Engineering & Operations

  • Our staff includes former DNFSB, federal and commercial executives and staff members, qualified basis and nuclear criticality safety analysts, senior advisory personnel and DOE Safety Basis Academy instructors.
  • We have proven expertise in the successful licensing, startup and operation of nuclear facilities across the DOE / NNSA Complex utilizing our NQA-1 compliant quality assurance program.
  • Our nuclear criticality safety experts have led and participated in criticality safety operational reviews and performed multiple criticality safety evaluations at a variety of DOE and DoD facilities.
  • We provide conduct of operations mentoring and coaching to senior staff and operations personnel for nuclear and hazardous operations.
  • We offer a full suite of engineering services for life cycle systems engineering and have performed vital safety system (VSS) assessments and served as designated VSS system engineers at multiple DOE facilities.
  • We evaluate weapons facilities’ mission requirements for nuclear weapons systems survivability, vulnerability, safety, surety, and security effectiveness for the Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center.

Program & Project Management

  • Our staff includes certified project management processionals that support our Federal and M&O programs.
  • We develop strategic planning documents, Critical Decision packages, cost/schedule/scope analyses, and program risk evaluations to the CMRR Project.
  • Our expertise includes project controls, program planning, cost and schedule baseline development, reporting (EMMS/PARS II), and ETC/EAC forecasting.
  • We support DOE EM strategies identifying the capabilities, needs, and options for the treatment, storage and disposition of spent nuclear fuel.
  • We develop and maintain DOE approved NQA-1 Programs, which received an exceptional CPARs rating and has resulted in on-time, on-budget project deliverables.

Environmental Management & Sustainability

  • We provide NEPA and overall environmental compliance support to NA-APM-1.5, the CMRR Project, and the Los Alamos Field Office.
  • Our skilled and trained industry experts support optimization of EM projects and processes, including integrating, planning, and analyzing EM waste stream disposal operations.